I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people on their journey. Some have shared their experiences and the benefits they gained from our work together.
Working with Matt was eye-opening and transformative. His easy-going nature and relatability set him apart. Together, we identified my core values and strengths, paving the way for an exciting new path. If you’re not fulfilling your potential, have a chat with Matt.
Anthony (30)
Personal Growth Package for career development and finding purpose
Matt is an excellent therapist and coach. He guided me through the Personal Growth package, revealing invisible blind spots and empowering me. His unwavering support and impact on my life and productivity have been wonderful. I highly recommend Matt; you couldn’t be in safer hands.
Sarah (52)
Coaching package for career progression and support with imposter syndrome
After experiencing therapy sessions with Matt, I’m truly grateful for his empathetic, kind, and open approach. Matt’s genuine understanding and support created a safe space for personal exploration and growth. I highly recommend his skilled guidance for anyone seeking a transformative and positive journey.
Natalie (55)
Therapy package to work on self-belief
Matt provides a safe space to bring your whole self, knowing that it’s enough. He doesn’t fix but holds space to find your own resources. I’ve benefited implementing techniques and learning to trust my experience. Matt made me feel seen and heard—I’m so grateful.
SS (30)
Personal Growth package to find more purpose in life and career
Seeing myself as someone who quits in tough times, I sought Matt’s help. His calming presence made me feel safe, and his insightful questions, considerate guidance, and stress-relief tools were invaluable. Matt’s non-judgmental approach enabled change and self-understanding. Highly recommend to anyone feeling stuck.
Carl (36)
Therapy Package for finding purpose and not feeling stuck
Matt is a great therapist. He is great at asking questions to work with my subconscious. Whether it’s a lack of confidence, fear, or self-worth issue, chat with Matt to see if you’re a good fit. If you are – lucky you!
Fanny (59)
Individual Therapy Sessions to change the impact of past trauma
Matt’s coaching has been transformative. His exceptional insight enabled me to overcome internal barriers and self-doubt hindering my business launch. Breakthroughs, expected to take years happened in just a few sessions under Matt’s guidance. I highly recommend him for genuine support.
PC (31)
Personal Growth package for launching new business and self-belief issues
During a career crossroads, I contacted Matt. I discovered my planned path wasn’t what I truly wanted. We came up with a new career plan, and I now feel on the right path. I highly recommend Matt for genuine guidance and a fresh career perspective.
Elina (30)
Coaching package to take next steps on career path
I came to Matt due to family struggles after a difficult year. Matt’s empathetic approach helped me understand the root issues. The thought-provoking techniques shifted my perspective. I’m grateful for his patient support and I highly recommend Matt for those seeking a personable, thoughtful therapist.
ST (32)
Therapy package for anxiety and family relationship problems
Matt helped me with my fear of flying and I felt really comfortable expressing my emotions with him. We did practical exercises as well as talking, which created new senses in my body that got me out my head and I utilised while flying.
RS (43)
Therapy package for anxiety and fear of flying
Matt is a great, supportive therapist. He really listened during my sessions and I felt he understood me well. This gave me a sense of comfort which was a lovely feeling, and it was very much needed at the time. He has a grounding presence.
Abbie (27)
Individual therapy sessions for feeling lost after ending a difficult relationship
Great process Matt. You have succeeded with your techniques where others have failed. Thank you for your patience, empathy and genuine support. I can now feel calmer and more confident when having to speak in front of people in meetings and social settings.
George (25)
Personal Growth package for anxiety and confidence with public speaking
Thank you Matt for helping me to discover where my emotional eating stems from. It would never have occurred to me that such a simple thing could have kept me stuck for so many years. Just understanding why was enough. Thank you so much Matt
Louise S (43)
Individual therapy sessions on emotional eating.
Matt was able to make me feel at ease and not judged. This made it possible to share difficult personal information. He was able to support me to make sense of things that happened and how I want to feel going forward.
JG (56)
Therapy Package for depression and anxiety issues.
I initially visited Matt for an unrelated issue but unexpectedly found relief for my knee pain through memory reprocessing. Within two weeks, I cancelled my MRI and ceased pain relief. Experiencing it firsthand, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t gone through it myself.
Charlie (41)
Therapy package on depression and knee pain issues
I sought Matt’s help for a tricky family relationship. Instantly putting me at ease, he not only made me feel heard but also provided a deeper understanding of my behaviour. Leaving empowered with tools for diverse situations, I no longer react as before. Thanks Matt!
Kate (43)
Therapy package for support with overwhelm and family relationship issues